• Afshin Siadatkhoo

First tip to pay off your loan faster.

1.The longer you take to pay off your home, the more you are going to pay. There are many strategies to reduce your loan, but most of the come down to one thing: Pay your loan off as fast as you can.

Eg. Your loan amount is $300,000 at 3.5% for 30 years, your monthly repayments will be $1,345 and in total you will pay almost $485,000 and the interest that you will pay is almost $185,000.

Now imagine that you want to pay it off in 15 years. Your monthly repayments will be $2,145 which is $800 more than what you were paying.

In this case your total pay would be $386,000 and total interest will be $86,000.

You save $99,000 in total.

1. هر چقدر پرداخت بیشتری انجام دهید بهره کمتری پرداخت خواهید کرد و وامتان در مدت زمان کوتاهتری باز پرداخت خواهد شد.

به طور مثال وام شما 300،000$ با نرخ 3.5% در 30 سال باشد. شما به طور میانگین بازپرداخت ماهیانه 1،345$ خواهید داشت و در طول مدت وام در کل 485،000$ و بهره ای معادل 185،000$ پرداخت خواهید کرد.

حال در نظر بگیرید با پرداخت تنها800$ اضافه در ماه مبلغ بازپرداخت شما به 2،145$ میرسد که باعث کاهش مدت زمان وام شما به 15 سال و همینطور کم کردن هزینه شما تا 99،000$ در کل میشود.

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