Frequently Asked Questions


 01  Which banks you are working with

We are working with most major banks and financial institutes. 




 02  Why the rates are vary?

Following each individual circumstances the rate is different as well. 

The rate is really based on your credit history.




 03  Is your service insured?

We are completely insured and licensed by ASIC as a Credit Representative.




 04 ​ Who can apply for personal loan?
Whoever is working Part time or Full time on tax/ or Casual for more than 1 year.
minimum yearly income over $25,000.



 05  Who can apply for home loan?

Whoever is working Part Time or Full time with minimum annual income of $40,000.

Holding at least %5 deposit for last 3 months.

 06  How much you charge for brokerage fee?

For majority of loans we are not charging any fee as we receive our commission from Banks.